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Simple, Classy & Eco-Friendly -- Tiny Homes


Simple, Classy & Eco-Friendly -- Tiny Homes



We make Tiny Homes

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At Tiny House Cribs, we also offer Design Services to those who want to build their own Tiny House, Small House and even "Mid-Size" House.  

* Tiny House on Wheels

* Tiny House on a Permanent Foundation

* Tiny House Boat 

* Small House on a Permanent Foundation (studio, 1 - 4 bedrooms)

* "Mid-Size" House 1,500 sqft - 4,000 sqft

You will recieve the following services:

* 3D Model 

* Construction Documents 

* Materials List 

* Building Project Cost Estimate 

* Site Plan

* Foundation Plan 

* Framing Plan(s)

* Electrical Plan(s)

* Plumbing Plan(s)

* Mechanical Plan(s)

* Landscaping Plan(s)

* Driveways Plan(s)

* Detail Plan(s): Snow Load, Energy Code and anything else your goverment will require to approve your House Plans


Tiny House/Small House Plans (up to 1,500 sqft): $500 -  $1,000 

"Mid-Size" House Plans 1,500 - 4,000 sqft:  $1,500 - $4,000

At Tiny House Cribs, Design Services Pricing is not detemrined by Square Feet or Size of the House, it is determined by the complexity of the project.  The more complex, the more cost, not exceeding the numbers above.  

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Tiny Houses are legal in Washington State

CEO of Tiny House Cribs and some of our customers shares the spotlight with Governor Jay Inslee has he makes Tiny Houses legal in Washington State.  

May 9, 2019

Tiny House Law -- Washington State

Tiny House Law -- Washington State (pdf)


Tiny House Law -- What it means (pdf)


Owning a Tiny house in Washington state


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