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Have you recently gained interest in becoming a Tiny House Entrepreneur?  You want to sell tiny homes and participate in the wealth creation of this trending industry? 

Tiny House Cribs, LLC is a Manufacturing Company that make simple, classy and eco-friendly tiny homes.  We have four models: The Establo, The Granero, The Hacienda and Level ONE that have been fully approved and certified by Washington State to adhere to Life Safety and Fire Prevention Standards.  

The CEO of Tiny House Cribs, Cosme Hernandez was actively involved in the creation of RCW 35.21 that defines a Tiny House, a Tiny House with Wheels and a Tiny House Community.  Mr. Hernandez testified infront of the Washington House of Representatives, Local Goverment Committee and stood next to Washington Governor Jay Inslee during the signing of this historic law(s) that make tiny homes legal in Washington State.  

Tiny House Cribs is seeking Authorized Dealers, business partners across Washington State and North America.  We do the manufacturing, you handle the selling.  Profit margins range from 11%-20%.  Tiny House Cribs will have Dealer Prices and MSRP's (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices) for each tiny home.  We honor your Dealer Price.  You have the freedom to set your retail price.  

Transporation/Logistics: Tiny House Cribs will tranport tiny house inventory to the Dealer Location.  Delivery charges may apply.  Authorized Dealers can pick up inventory from Tiny House Cribs, LLC as long as there is proof of insurance that covers the tiny homes during transportation.   Upon the retail sale of a tiny home, Authorized Dealers can negotiate with their customers who will transport the tiny home to the desired location: customer or dealer.  

Warranty Information: Tiny House Cribs, LLC honors a 1 year warranty on all tiny homes.  Authorized Dealers are not responsible or liable for any warranty claims.   


Must have an active Business License in your state.

Must have a active Dealer License in your state.

Must have a retail location that can showcase at least 2 tiny homes at all times.

Inventorty requirements: must have a minimum of 2 tiny homes at your Dealer Location at all times.

Must have an active General Liability and Inventory Insurance Policy.

Out-of-State Dealers:

Similarly to the Modular Home Manufacturing/Dealer Relationships across state borders,  we welcome Dealers from all 50 states.  Dealer agreements will vary from state to state, to comply with state specific laws and regulations.  

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