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Tiny House Cribs with Washington Governor Inslee

May 9, 2019

Tiny House Cribs CEO, Cosme Hernandez, two customers, the Washington Tiny House Association and other Tiny House Advocates accompanied Washington Governor Jay Inslee has he signed-into-law Tiny Houses, Tiny Houses with Wheels and Tiny House Communities.  

RCW 35.21

"4(a) "Tiny house" and "tiny house with wheels" means a dwelling to be used as permanent housing with permanent provisions for living,  sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation built in accordance with the state building code. "

 "4(b) "Tiny house communities" means real property rented or held 2 out for rent to others for the placement of tiny houses with wheels 3 or tiny houses utilizing the binding site plan process in RCW 58.17.035."


CEO of Tiny House Cribs with the Washington State Legislature

Watch CEO of Tiny House Cribs being interviewed on Wake Up Wenatchee Valley, NCW Life Channel

Watch CEO of Tiny House Cribs on KPQ 560 Radio Station promoting the 2018 Home Show, Tiny House Style


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