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Simple, Classy & Eco-Friendly -- Tiny Homes

Simple, Classy & Eco-Friendly -- Tiny Homes

Simple, Classy & Eco-Friendly -- Tiny HomesSimple, Classy & Eco-Friendly -- Tiny Homes

Design Services

Get your 3D Model and Construction Documents ready to submit to your government agency for Tiny House Plan Approval right here at Tiny House Cribs. 

Whether you are looking to build to adhere to ANSI Construction Standards or the International Residential Code, Tiny House Cribs has the experience you need to get your Tiny House Building project approved and legal for your use. 

Design Services are for every type of Tiny House:

* Tiny House on a P. Foundation

* Tiny House on Wheels

* Tiny House Boat

Construction Standards:

ANSI Park Model


International Residential Code, Appendix Q Tiny Houses

Design Services are available across the United States and Canada.  

Our #1 objective is not only design your tiny home, but more importantly get it legally approved to built in your area so you can legally use it peacefully.  

Email us your drawing(s):

Price will be determined project by project.  (up to $1,000 USD)

"A Tiny House is a dwelling that does not exceed 400 square feet (excluding lofts)."

--2018 International Residential Code

Spanish-Style Tiny Homes

La Casita


La Kasita


PequeÑa Casa


Floor Plan (1)


Floor Plan (2)


Floor plan (3)