Tiny homes on wheels

Tiny House Cribs and our Authorized Dealers have a network of financing companies who offer Tiny House on Wheels Loans on approved credit.

Our Tiny Homes on Wheels are certified and licensed in such ways that banks/credit unions can legally consider offering you a loan.  

The financial institution assigned determines the interest rate, monthly payment and loan terms.  

We have seen interest rates as low as 5% and monthly payments as low as $200/month.  

Tiny House on Wheels Financing 101

Other forms of financing


401K / IRA

Do you have enough cash reserves in your 401K or IRA?

Cash out and fund your tiny house project.

Talk to your Financial Services Represenatives for more information. 

Life Insurance

Do you have a Whole, Universal or Index Life Insurance Policy?  

If you have enough cash value there, you maybe able to cover your project costs.

Talk to your Insurance Agent for more information.   

Personal Line of Credit

If you own Real Estate, you may be elibible for a Home Equity Line of Credit.  If you don't own Real Estate, you may be eligible to have a Personal Line of Credit to cover your Custom-Made Tiny House Project.  

Please Note: a Personal Loan & a Line of Credit are two different Financial Products.  a Credit Card and a Personal Line of Credit are different products.  

A Personal Line of Credit is given to those who are Credit Worthy.  Talk to your Credit Union/Bank for more information.  

want to see if you qualify for financing?

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