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Simple, Classy & Eco-Friendly -- Tiny Homes


 Photo taken in Banbridge Island, Washington with a Do-It-Yourself Tiny House Builder. 

Trailer Foundations

Order Process & Additional Info

Step 1: Place your order Trailer Foundation order online.

--Will you be picking up the unit once it's made?

--Will you be paying additional for delivery to your site? 

Step 2: Make a 50% deposit 

--Deposit can be cash, check or VISA/MasterCard/American Express

Step 3: Expect 2-4 weeks of welding time to completion.

Step 4: Pickup or Delivery of Trailer Foundation

Step 5: Final Payment and legal paperwork

Step 6: Department of Licensing or Department of Motor Vehicle paperwork will be mailed to your address on file. 


Trailer Foundations come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.  Axles and wheels & tires come with its on company warranty.  See paperwork for additional information.  

Subfloor Orientation & Guide:

When you purchase a Trailer Foundation, you will be given an "orientation" and "guide" on how to successfully assemble your tiny house subfloor onto the chassis.  


Trailer Foundations

Enjoy the informative video